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What are the top five techniques when uphill driving?

Top 5 Techniques uphill driving in Thailand


According to previous statistics in Thailand, the areas with the highest risk and number of accidents are those with high slopes or uphill roads because it is difficult to control the automobile in an appropriate direction. When traveling in Thailand’s mountains, you should be careful and follow the five ways listed below when driving uphill:

1.      Using appropriate speed

          Because the mountain route is not just a slope, but also a maze, you need to balance your car’s speed accordingly. Then, if you drive too fast, accidents are more likely to occur. Generally, the speed is not equivalent to regular driving. If you are on a continuous path with a high slope and a maze, you should slow the speed to be more safe. Generally, the suitable car speed around

50-70 kilometers per hour.

2.      Balancing between gear and brake system

When driving on a slope, you should brake with proper weight and appropriate time to minimize brake fades since pressing and holding a brake for an extended period of time causes the brake pads to burn. Furthermore, if you drive for a longer duration, you should park the car in a temporary parking location to allow the car engines or brakes to cool.

3.      Using appropriate accelerator

          When driving up to the mountains, use the proper accelerator to accelerate. You must avoid holding the accelerator since it is extremely dangerous to be in a car accident that causes you to be seriously harmed and may inflict physical harm and property damage to other people.

4.      Avoid to overtake on the curve

While driving, one behavior that you must avoid is to overtake the curve on the road such as you intend to drive faster than the car in front of your car and overtake especially in the curve road which is a high probability to cause an accident. It may lead the driver in front of you to lose control of the vehicle so you  must absolutely adhere to the roadside signal.


5.      Keeping the distance between the car

It is one of the techniques that you must use since driving too close to the car in front of you on uphill routes with steep slopes causes you to collide when the car brakes suddenly because you cannot brake quickly. Furthermore, if your automobile is very close to the car in front, it is extremely dangerous when the car automatically races down the steep slope.


These are the top five techniques that you should follow strictly to be safe if you plan to travel in the mountains of Thailand, particularly Khao Yai, or in the northern part of Thailand. However, if you plan to purchase a car to drive in Thailand. The Voluntary Motor Insurance is necessary to cover you when the accident occurs and the third party liabilities are covered as well. So that is why purchasing car insurance in Thailand is recommended, particularly from Rabbit Care. In case if you get in a car accident when driving uphill, you can contract roadside assistance every time and the repairing cost will be paid by the insurance company. If you are interested, please find more information via Rabbit Care website for the best insurance of your desire.

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