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Wedding Newspapers — Useful, Beneficial in addition to the best Personalised Treat

22nd February 1980. The day I was born. And a birth date I give the kind of George Washington, Drew Barrymore and Chris Moyles. In terms of my actual birthday, it witnessed the so-called ‘Miracle on Ice’ – an ice hockey match played out between the USA and the mighty Soviet Union at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. A youthful US team won it, against the odds, which will be presumably why they still bang on about any of it some 31 years later! Around anything though, it’s the investigation into your birthday that’s the really interesting bit.  pool result Flicking through newspapers from back in your day offers you an actual feel for the era – whether it’s as a result of that which was happening, the adverts or even the writing style.

My fiancée, meanwhile, also includes a very interesting birthday – on the very first September 1983. The Soviets were involved again – now using a fighter jet to shoot down Korean Air Flight 007 once the commercial plane entered the bloc’s airspace. All 269 passengers died, including a US Congressman. Morbid? Yes. Sad? Most certainly. But hugely significant and very interesting nonetheless. And that’s the best thing about a birthday newspaper – it’s a window into the past. You obtain a taste of what the planet was reporting on your day you were born, and it’s got ‘dinner-party anecdote’ written throughout it.

If you want the idea of newspaper gifts, you will find several options to pick from. Kicking things off are newspaper books, which are made to order and include your chosen date. A Year Edition newspaper book features a full reproduction of a newspaper from your day you’ve selected, whilst the Anniversary Edition allows you to choose three newspapers – typically a wedding date and the birthdays of the happy couple. And last but not least, there’s a This Is Your Life Edition which includes ten important dates from the recipient’s life. All come bound into a tabloid-sized book.

Next up you’ve got a wonderful, straightforward original newspaper. Because the name suggests, these aren’t copies or reproductions. They’re genuine, right down to that old-newspaper smell. Simply pick your date and then choose the method that you are interested presented, be it a basic gift box or something a little swishier, just like a satin-lined box. And last but by no means least you might choose a birthday newspaper front page. Whether you get it framed is neither here nor there – both are actually affordable options and make for fantastic birthday newspaper gifts.

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