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hellboy betta fish Everything You need to know

hellboy betta fish Everything You need to know

Betta splendens, or hellboy betta fish (their common name), come from a decent sized family of fish, often called Siamese fighting fish. These incredible fish are more often than not really vivid in color, and are more often than not two to three inches long. plakat hellboy betta fish Bettas are a specific kind of fish called a labyrinth fish. They are extremely violent fish, and their highly brutal actions have gotten them the common name Siamese fighting fish. For this reason, they are usually better off when kept on alone.

In spite of their large flowing fins that make them look large, they are usually fairly small. They typically only get to be about three inches long and ½ an inch thick. Their natural colors are green and brown, but many bettas are full of bright colors such as navy blue, magenta, yellow and lots more. These fish have been made by selective breeding of the fish. Even fin shapes were modified as a result of breeding – wild bettas have very short fins, yet lots of fish in the aquarium hobby features very large flowing fins.

Males should never be housed in the same home. They will fight each other constantly while they are together. In the same way, males will regularly attack the females. Except while breeding them, one should never house female and male in the same tank. Despite the males behavior, females get along well with other females. Many people have a small group of females in the same tank in what’s referred to as a betta sorority. There also should be a lot of spots to hide while they are living together. A few types of fish can be housed in a community setting with a betta. There are a few things to consider in addition to compatible tank mates, all of the fish also have to have the same water levels.

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