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Puppy Socialisation : Finding pleasure in Your brand-new Dog

Bringing home a brand new puppy is a bunch of fun. Puppy socialization is the most important thing you’ll need to concentrate on before your puppy reaches the age of 12 weeks. This puppy socialization period is known as the ‘window of opportunity’ because it’s the timeframe when puppies learn best how to manage with the unknown. Therefore, the more folks, puppies, schutzhund training objects, noises and environments the puppy can be exposed to during this period, the better. Puppy socialization to these new experiences helps the puppy to be far more confident as an older dog when afflicted by unfamiliar events.

Plenty of puppy socialization can occur in the home environment – experience of loud banging noises, such as clanging pots and pans, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, lawn mowers, etc.

Ask any visitor that comes to see to deal with the puppy throughout; touching the paws and feeling in between the toes; having fun with the ears; giving restrained hugs; having fun with the mouth and opening the mouth placing your finger on the puppy’s tongue. If at all possible expose your puppy to children and teach them how to deal with the puppy properly. Always make sure when children and puppies are playing together they are supervised. You don’t want the children to play too roughly with the puppy and you don’t want the puppy getting so hyped up by antics of children and becomes out of control.

Puppy socialization may also include making funny faces and stupid noises at puppies; exposing them to skateboards, bikes, wheelie bins and other moving objects. Noises of airplanes, loud machinery, children screaming, babies crying, radios blaring are generally everyday occurrences that the puppy may experience in later life. CD’s can be found with a variety of noises, including thunder that will be something that’s not always available for the puppy to have used to.

Puppy preschool or kindergarten is a superb avenue for socialization with other puppies of an identical age. However, the conflict arises from the question of puppy vaccinations “can it be safe to take a puppy out during this period?” This can be a dilemma because on the one hand you want to train your puppy to be sociable but keep carefully the puppy safe at exactly the same time.

Some opinions and advice is to not enable the puppy outside of the house environment until she or he is fully vaccinated. The chance of having your dog that’s fearful and not well socialized to people and other dogs is a very real possibility if you follow this advice. Ultimately, as who owns the newest puppy, you’ll need to weigh up the professionals and cons of both sides and make that decision for yourself. I have experienced the result from both sides, having had your dog who was dog aggressive once we were unable to attend puppy socialization classes during the time when he was a puppy (they simply weren’t around) and having your dog who proved to be completely sociable who also didn’t attend puppy socialization class for exactly the same reason.

Should you choose decide to wait puppy socialization classes do some research first and find one that you feel comfortable with. Puppy play ought to be strictly supervised – a puppy preschool can make or break your puppy. You could like to find out the following:

Puppy socialization exercises can and ought to be fun for you personally along with the puppy. Help the puppy to master to associate nutrients with everything you are doing. Using high value food treats is a superb way to make this association, however be careful to not over-feed the puppy. Keep practice sessions short and sweet and finish on a good note. Like, you could examine the puppy’s ears, offer a food treat and that session is over. Then a little while later you could play with the puppy’s feet, give the puppy a delicacy and finish there. There is a lot of little socialization exercises which can be easy to include into every day life.

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